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Updated: May 31, 2019

A new Griffith University project supported by the Australian government and Queensland government aimed at empowering 'Sisters' by building self-efficacy has started recruiting 'Sisters' and 'Mentors'.

An ageing population is a global phenomenon and Australia is no exception. Although there are labour shortages experienced in many industries, participation of over-50s, particularly women, within the labour market has been declining rapidly, due to age and gender discrimination and lack of understanding of contributions older workers can make.

The Sisters Project, led by Dr Dhara Shah aims to empower ‘sisters’ by building their self-efficacy, fostering their earnings, bringing them together in groups to form support networks or partnerships, and providing them with skill development, training, mentoring and coaching support, and grants to start a small business.

The ‘sisters’ are women over 50 on Newstart Allowance, who are underemployed or unemployed and have poor future financial security, but are keen to work and generate income.

The project will also develop community capacity to, in turn, provide a pathway for other women in similar circumstances and have intergenerational impacts.

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